Slide Forex Introductory Course

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Slide Course Content Course Volume: 6 GB Course Chapters: 5 Course Duration: 6:30 Hours Opening Account You learn all about trading accounts, brokers and how to open real and demo accounts. Meta Trader Trading Platforms and their spaces are explained comprehensively. Forex Features You'll find out Forex features and why we should work in this market. Technical Analysis Now it's time to learn trading and earning money. This training is exclusively by ZBURSE group and is the result of our own experiences. By respecting all the rules and practicing regularly, you will be able to be a master. This chapter content you cannot find anywhere else. Trading Strategies We prepared you effective trading strategies that you can use as your trading system.

Slide In this course, you will get: Forex Introduction Familiarity with financial markets How to register and open a real/demo account How to deposit and withdraw fund Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) Features Types of analysis and their review Familiarity with price charts and candlesticks Price Chart Patterns Familiarity with Supply and Demand Area Fibonacci Secrets Pivot Lines Divergence and Hidden Divergence Market Psychology Understanding Market Ratios Follow economic events and news Risk and Reward Management Conclusion and Trading Strategies 24/7 Support available Buy for 187$